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The more velocity layers, the more natural volume transitions and better expressiveness you get. Generally, more memory means that longer/higher-quality samples with more velocity layers can be stored on a digital piano. Cheaper models have less memory, so manufacturers have to take a slightly different approach When looking to buy a digital piano, it's advisable to go for an 88 key model. Keyboards come in a variety of ranges from just 25-, 49- or 61-key. The larger the keyboard, the less portable it becomes, so if you're looking for a digital piano that's going to stay in one place, 88 keys is best This will often depend on the type of inbuilt speakers the piano has. The sound should be as clear as possible. Generally, you will be able to plug a digital piano into a speaker if you are performing. In-Built Sounds. One of the reasons why people select digital pianos is because of the wide selection of sounds that you can generate The portability of a digital piano depends on the weight and size, but also on the shape of the instrument. Protruding knobs and controllers are annoying, for example, as they risk breaking during transport. When evaluating the overall dimensions, it also considers the presence or absence of an external power supply, its dimensions and weight

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  1. Jared from The Piano Studio explains what to look for when buying a digital piano.(Captions sponsored by blacktietranscription.com.
  2. d, the length of every Digital Piano is about the same around 1.4-5 meters. So its only the width of the piano you are saving, which is only between 5-20 cm. Other considerations such as choosing an odd color for your Piano. If you decide to go with white, you might want to get a matching white piano bench
  3. Digital pianos - Larger and more expensive, but nearly as versatile while mimicking the feel of an acoustic piano well. A great alternative if budget and space allows. Acoustic pianos - The best option for playing experience and sound quality, but by far the largest and can be extremely expensive
  4. A digital piano which has set you back a lot more than you anticipated and planned for is not going to produce as sweet a tune as one that remained in the budget! If you are just a beginner you certainly do not need to pay through the roof for your first digital piano, unless you have money to burn that is
  5. Choose a digital if you are a beginner. Inexperienced pianists may find it easier to learn to play on a digital piano. You aren't required to read music in order to learn the notes if your digital piano has the option of pressing lit keys to follow along with a song. Many even label the notes to make it easier to learn to play

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  1. This makes digital pianos especially suitable for those who live in an apartment with thin walls. Digital pianos have one other ace up their sleeves. With built-in MIDI capabilities, they are an excellent choice for producers of electronic music. Unless you are a piano purist, a well-made digital piano will serve your needs well
  2. Adam Berzowski gives some great information on digital pianos. Please feel free to contact us with any questions. Find exclusive digital piano deals at Kraft..
  3. A good digital piano should sound warm and less digital, closely mimicking an acoustic piano. With that said, everyone prefers different sound quality, and it is important to choose a piano that sounds nice to you
  4. Our choice for the best digital piano must be Casio PX850 Privia. Apart from the fact that it has the best value for money rapport, it is the best choice for a piano between the small digital keyboard and the acoustic piano. It is the best choice for beginners as it offers the same features as an acoustic piano but at a much lower cost
  5. Figure out what size and sound you want in a piano. Size matters when it comes to pianos. The bigger the piano the better it will sound. You hit a key on the piano. It triggers a mallet that strikes a chord in the piano. A bigger piano means that there is more room for the chord to vibrate. More vibration equals richer tone
  6. Introduction. When it comes to beginner digital pianos in 2020, the market is not lacking for options.A quick browse of Amazon will show just how many products are currently available in the entry-level price range

Watch How to Choose a Digital Piano for Beginners - Digital Piano Buyer's Guide YouTube Here: youtu.be/XcUatCwJJoM Watch More Piano Reviews on YouTube Here: youtu.be/GDkPGFiiM_E Prioritize the Action: 1:12 Recommended Pianos: 2:23 Quality of Piano Tone: 4:19 Worry Less About Features: 5:49 Choose a Solid Cabinet: 7:25 More Recommended Pianos: 8:45 Browse all Digital Pianos HERE merriammusic. Another important factor is touch or velocity-sensitivity. The best digital pianos are capable of sensing subtle differences in velocity that determine the attack and volume of each note. Low-cost digital pianos often have volume level switches, which are a giveaway that they don't have real velocity-sensitivity

The first digital piano I purchased was the 'cheapest possible' 88 note weighted digital piano. To be honest, I didn't think that it would make THAT much of a difference, as long as the piano had 88 notes and had weighted keys. But I was wrong! I didn't like the touch, I didn't like the sound and I didn't feel inspired to practice. For digital pianos, sustain pedals with half pedalling are preferred, as are pedals that are full size and properly weighted (vs. small plastic foot switches). Digital Piano / Digital Keyboard / Synthesize Digital pianos are able to capture the feel and mechanism of real pianos. keyboards, on the other hand, are a very simplistic representation of a piano. For an in depth look into the Keyboard vs Digital pianos subject I recommend to check out this reference articles by: Diana Stone; ThoughtCo To properly choose a digital piano for you, it is vital that you consider all of the different features and functions you require, as well as establishing your budget. You don't want to spend a fortune only to discover that the piano you've purchased wasn't a good fit You also need to look into the polyphony feature of the digital piano. This is needed if you play a piece that needs you to hold down the pedal as you play several notes. Basically, you should look for a piano with around 64 or 128

The digital innovation used to catch and duplicate the examples of different pianos and different instruments assumes a function in how well the digital piano will imitate those instruments. By and large, better quality digital pianos contain more digital memory permitting them to repeat high-goal sounds with more noteworthy authenticity that intently imitates the sound of acoustic instruments But there are so many models and so many price points! Beyond the fairly obvious question of the physical size of the instrument, the two key factors that need considering when choosing a digital piano are the authenticity of touch, and the realism of sound How To Choose A Digital Piano Choosing the best digital piano for advanced pianists was far different from selecting a regular piano. They are much smaller and deliver music courtesy of a computer system that is able to somewhat mimic the sound of an actual piano Digital Pianos, on the other hand, is a modern version designed to adapt and produce sound and feel similar like acoustic pianos. Its tunes are digitally produced. The portable version of the digital version has a more compact and lightweight design. There are many digital pianos today that can produce sounds like an acoustic piano

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Digital pianos are designed to sound and feel as much like an acoustic piano as possible. Keys are weighted to provide the right resistance to touch, and are sensitive to speed and pressure to give a range of dynamics (loud and soft) Grand: If the piano will be in elegant surroundings, you may choose a grand-style digital.Digital grands come in lengths of about three feet — just long enough to suggest the shape of a baby grand — to about five feet. Like some of the console models, these are often available in a variety of wood-grain finishes and the polished ebony finish common in today's acoustic grands Uitgebreide keuze, alleen hier! Europa's #1 voor muziekanten In this video we're exploring the question of how to choose a digital piano for beginners. Stu Harrison has compiled four tips that he gives to every family that's beginning their research, and delivered it in video form for a wider audience. We hope you enjoy One must consider choosing a digital piano with: 1. 88 keys. If you want to learn how to play a piano universally and to feel as if you're playing a real acoustic piano, you might as well be interested in purchasing an 88 full keys digital keyboard

Digital pianos have a full 88 set of fully weighted hammer action keys. With these in mind, here are things to consider when choosing a digital piano for beginners: How to Choose the Best Digital Piano for Beginners. 1. Sound Quality. Digital pianos tend to have about 10 to 30 in-built tones I believe this is a fair list, there are thousands of digital pianos in the market some are bad, some are mid-range and some are superb, this list of pianos are a perfect match for a complete beginner, thanks to their features, mechanisms, and price. I do understand however that for some people will find these pianos expensive even though this is cheap digital pianos, is understandable in this. Digital pianos are the most suitable to recommend to students as they are of a high quality, generally have excellent actions and sound production and yet aren't as expensive as a Hybrid Piano, which I think is unnecessary for most students

The digital piano is an instrument whose main function is to faithfully mimic its acoustic predecessors, from pianos to grand concert pianos. In addition, the digital piano offers progressive benefits for arranging and playing sound processors, sound banks, and electronic music. But how to choose the right piano Note that most digital pianos, synthesizers and workstations can also act as a MIDI keyboard. In that case, you wouldn't use the built-in sounds of your keyboard, but an external source like a sound module, a software synthesizer or another keyboard. Accessories. bench. Choose a piano bench of good quality and adjustable in height

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  1. Digital Pianos. Grand Pianos. Silent Pianos. Concert Pianos. Used Pianos. Acoustic Pianos. Upright Pianos. If it's a child's first piano, the parents decide what they get. However, it's a decision the whole family should be involved in. They know the musician and can give them some great advice
  2. How to Choose the Right Digital Piano — A Complete Beginner Guide Jan 21, 2020 | KEYBOARD Digital piano is an economy and alternative to pianos, before , it is important to understand what perspectives you should be looking at when shopping for a digital piano, so that you can make the smartest purchase and find the digital piano right for you
  3. The digital piano you choose should have a counterbalanced or hammer-action keyboard. Some digital pianos will have a graduated keyboard that can be just as realistic. There are some touch-sensitive keyboard pianos that offer the ability to adjust the responsiveness of the keys
  4. The digital piano is an alternative for those who don't have the financial means to buy an acoustic piano, but who still want to practice their fingerings on a daily basis. Unlike a synthesizer, it's designed to mimic the feel and sound of an acoustic piano
  5. Digital Pianos and Acoustic Pianos When trying to decide whether to invest in a digital or an acoustic piano, there are several factors that need to be weighed. If you need help on how to choose a piano, consider the following
  6. First, digital pianos are so much cheaper than acoustic ones. For many individuals, regular pianos are nearly impossible to afford without going into some kind of debt, especially if you invest in a high quality one. A digital option is great alternative because you get all of the benefits of practice and music without the cost
  7. Acoustic, electric or digital piano: which one to choose? To work on your scales and your fingering, it is better to have a piano at home. If the acoustic piano has retained its elegance of yesteryear, it is preferable to bet on instruments that incorporate the latest technologies. You still have to choose between an electric keyboard and a.

How to Choose a Keyboard (Digital Piano) Here is a video blog I made since I get a lot of questions about keyboards. Once you know the difference between the features of home and professional keyboards you'll have a better idea of what will fit your needs A digital piano doesn't need tuning or maintenance so can be accommodated in any room regardless of temperature. Its portability also means you can move or relocate it without too much hassle. Acoustic pianos are usually very heavy so tend to stay put in one place

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  1. You have to know your digital piano's dimensions and choose a stand accordingly. The best thing is to go for an adjustable stand, so it's surely going to fit. We considered this to be a deciding factor. It also should be able to hold your digital piano, this is why we recommend you choose a solid stand that's able to hold a bigger weight
  2. Doubts arise again to find out which is the best digital piano of 2021. In the end we thought that in order to know which is the best Digital Piano of this 2021 we should speak directly with the piano specialist, who knows all pianos perfectly , models, prices, offers and has advised more than 5000 clients in the purchase of their piano
  3. I am playing piano for 5 years now and I am moving away from my parents' place and the upright piano they have. Help me to choose a Roland digital keyboard. No more than 1500 €. Is there a bi
  4. Dec 31, 2019 - Prioritize the Action: 1:12Recommended Pianos: 2:23Quality of Piano Tone: 4:19Worry Less About Features: 5:49Choose a Solid Cabinet: 7:25More Recommended Pia.... Saved from How to Choose a Digital Piano for Beginners - Digital Piano Buyer's Guide.
  5. Piano Tone: Once you get into the $1,500-$2,000 range, most digital pianos on the market are going to sound pretty good at the very least. If you're wanting to stay in that $500 to $1,000 range, focusing on an instrument that has a great on-board piano sound will lead to more engagement with the piano

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Digital Baby Grand Piano The digital piano is an adapted, more modern version of its acoustic counterpart. It produces sounds digitally (as its name suggests): when you press a key, the piano's electronic speakers will play back high-quality recordings that were previously taken from acoustic pianos.. There are three types of digital pianos: the grand piano, upright piano, and portable piano Digital pianos are a great option for beginners and even players who are on a tight budget to purchase an acoustic piano. They come at an affordable price and gives value to the players. On the other hand, if you are a casual learner and you need an instrument to have fun with, keyboards are an excellent choice for you

How To Choose A Digital Piano For Beginners? When we decide to buy a piano, we have to take our time. The purchase of an acoustic or digital piano cannot be done lightly or compulsively, as if it were a sudden chocolate craving Choose your digital piano: In fact, a digital piano doesn't have to cost less than a real piano. If you choose an electric piano in particular, it will have to be of good quality! The criteria for choosing a digital piano; 88 keys; Hammer mechanics; It must be a piece of furniture and not just a keyboard Being a beginner isn't easy. Maybe you never took a lesson or even touched a keyboard except for using the one on your computer to send a few e-mails and post pictures of your cat. Now you want to start to play the musical keyboard for fun, so how do you choose the right keyboard [ The best digital kawai pianos have realistic hammer action that closely resemble the feeling of playing a grand piano. Another thing to look for is something called graded action. This means that keys at the bottom of the piano feel heavier than keys in the middle, and keys at the top feel lighter If you want something that resembles an acoustic piano, then be sure to look at the YDP Series and Clavinova. The pianos in these categories come in different furniture style choices. What you should know is that all digital pianos from Yamaha feature a full 88-note keyboard. The width wouldn't change regardless of the model you choose

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Most digital piano have 88 keys, just like their acoustic counterparts, though a few are equipped with 61 keys. The sound a digital piano produces is dependent upon the samples that are embedded within. Most digital pianos get their samples from high-end acoustic pianos, so they all generally will produce quality sounds Digital Pianos have made immense advances as of late creation their excellent sound and. Aug 19, 2020 - What Digital Piano Should I Buy For A Beginner?: Digital Pianos have made immense advances as of late creation their excellent sound and. How To Choose a Digital Piano For Beginners |.

Determine the difference There is a considerable difference between the two types of pianos. The acoustic piano or the traditional piano which uses strings and a soundboard to produce the music whereas the digital pianos use springs to make the sound which can be heard from a speaker Thousands of YouTube videos with English-Chinese subtitles! Now you can learn to understand native speakers, expand your vocabulary, and improve your pronunciation.. Reasons To Choose A Digital Piano With Weighted Keys. 2020-03-30 2020-03-30 / Vittles / Buying a digital piano with weighted keys has a positive influence on learning the piano. In the past, people had to spend a great deal in order to buy a full-scale piano, which also meant having to have the space to store one There's quite a few Yamaha digital pianos to choose from. Price is a great indicator of value. Spend time reading reviews and watching YouTube videos on the one you may be interested in. As a serious/professional player, it's worth it to learn everything you can about your potential investment Today, David goes into depth helping you choose between a keyboard or digital piano and taking you through the popular models at various price points. If you'd like more info we have a live chat system designed around helping people find the answers they need when they need them! If not, feel free to drop us an email at sales@epianos.co.u

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Enjoy the sound of a world-class Grand Piano where notes are played using your computer's keyboard or mouse.; Keep your sound and tempo under control with the dedicated Sustain, Metronome, and Tempo buttons.; Discover our growing list of free Interactive Songs and experience the joy of playing popular pieces like a professional pianist.; In addition to our original Piano sound, you can also. Next up we have the Korg Grandstage 73 Stage Piano which we feel is one of the most powerful live digital pianos you can get your hands on. This makes our best digital pianos blog with ease as you have sounds from five different grand pianos from all over the world including Berlin, Heidelberg, Austria, Japan and the newly sampled Italian grand piano, so it's one for the purists out there Guide For Buying Piano Headphones. Before we gather the best headphones for digital piano use, there are a few things to consider. Hopefully, the following tips will help you to choose the very best piano headphone for your needs. Over-Ear Headphones Are The Best. To speak in general, over the ear headphones are the best for music This digital piano has a sleek, contemporary design which is totally portable as long as you're just carrying it to the car - at 48.5 lbs (22 kilos), you don't want to be walking any distance with it.. This is a pound (half a kilo) less than the Kawai ES8 and 3.5 pounds (1.5 kg) less than the Roland FP-90.So, portable for gigs it is, but maybe not for a backpacking vacation A piano must be tuned at least twice per year; anything less could mean you'll soon be paying extra for special tunings or other related maintenance. If the piano is out of tune, purchase at your own risk. You'll have no way of knowing if the piano is out of tune because of serious internal issues or if it's tunable at all

0.1 Toy Piano - How to Choose?1 Best Toy Pianos1.0.1 1. Korgs Digital Toy Piano1.0.2 2. Schoenhut Piano 2514P Princess Digital Grand Piano1.0.3 3. Schoenhut Piano 25-key My First Piano II1.0.4 4. Schoenhut 6101 Digital Butterfly Keyboard (discontinued)1.0.5 5. Costzon Electric Keyboard Piano for Kids1.0.6 6. Best Choice Products 37-Key Kids Piano With Microphone & Record 1.0.7 7 Yamaha Digital Pianos - If you're a serious player looking for a keyboard with the feel of an actual acoustic piano, this is the category for you. Graded Hammer and Graded Hammer Standard digital pianos. 88 weighted keys. Yamaha EZ Keyboards - These are good for children or students. Fun keyboards This article is for you if you want to record the actual sound of your keyboard or digital piano on your computer, iPad or iPhone. This is a complete step-by-step guide to the kit you need and how to connect it so you can make a great, high quality recording of yourself playing digital piano or keyboard

A digital piano is an electronic keyboard that emulates the sound and the feel of a genuine acoustic piano. It can be differentiated from its precursor instrument - the synthesizer - which uses electronically produced sound waves to create specifically electronic sounds. The first digital piano commercially availabl The digital pianos have become extremely popular these days. However, there are a lot of people who face problems when buying digital pianos. If one is interested to get some tips about buying digital pianos then he or she can go through the points given below: Buy an 88 note digital piano The first and the mos How To Choose A Digital Piano Digital pianos are a very similar playing experience to an acoustic piano. Although a digital piano uses digitally recorded, or sampled, sounds, rather than a combination of hammers and strings, it can still offer a highly realistic playing feel

Most children love music. You must want your child to play an instrument. For your child to start his music lessons, Digital Piano is the best to opt for. Being a parent it is your responsibility to get him a good instrument to practice his first hands on. So choosing a reasonable yet good qualit The acoustic piano has changed very little from the instrument of Cristofori's day - bar some tinkering with key length, hammer felt and aesthetic changes to cabinet making. Digital pianos, however, have undergone a huge transformation thanks to weighted keys, improved timbres and inbuilt technologies to help keep playing interesting, fun and motivational Choosing the best digital piano under 1000 can be a daunting task. This is because there are so many cheap digital pianos to choose from. That is why it is important to do your due diligence if you do not want to lose your hard-earned money on the wrong digital piano How to choose a digital piano or piano keyboard. The Soft Way to Mozart software will work with, practically, any electric piano existing on the market - digital pianos, electronic piano keyboards or MIDI keyboard controllers

Digital pianos provide many valuable features that are simply not possible on acoustic pianos. Many would choose a digital piano over an acoustic one for this reason alone. Portability: While acoustic pianos are heavy and bulky, digital ones come with all sizes and weights. You can find ones that you can carry with one arm and are ideal for gigs Digital Pianos are more user friendly, thus allowing beginners to learn the basics and develop their keyboard skills. Once they have gained expertise, they can move on to playing an organ From the above discussions, it is very much apparent that Digital Pianos are more recommended for children as it paves the way for advanced musical learning opportunities in future, if they want to play organ. Digital pianos depreciate quickly, due to new models coming out every few years, but an upright piano will remain a valuable and beautiful asset for years to come. So, an upright isn't a mere starter piano - it could easily become an heirloom all by itself

Choose a keyboard with weighted keys. Most digital pianos should have an option to turn it off if they do come with it. Try to keep it simple for young beginners. 6.Too many extra features and special effects can be a little overwhelming We are looking at replacing our knackered piano with a digital piano for our 10year old son. I was all set on ordering a gear4music one as the reviews I've read seem to point at these being for good for the price. However whilst browsing their website I've come across some other good deals and..

Home Blog Without Sidebar blog Digital Pianos vs Acoustic Pianos - How to choose November 24, 2016 By Centre Tech The acoustic piano was invented many centuries ago and over all these years this instrument has remained more or less the same with very little in the way of fundamental changes How to choose a Digital Piano. Key considerations in choosing a digital piano: Skill Level. For beginners, a low-cost model with some built-in learning tools may be enough to start with. For experienced pianists, a more advanced digital piano with more features may be suitable. Size and dimensions If you're on a budget, this digital piano may be a bit of a squeeze. It costs about $500. However, if you can afford it, I'd recommend getting it. It's another great product from Yamaha, and a beginner isn't likely to outgrow it as quickly as he would some of the other keyboards here. Check Current Prices How To Choose The Right Digital. Most likely the Cheapest Digital Piano with Weighted Keys One very cool feature of the Yamaha P71 keyboard is it allows you to play two tracks at once. You can combine the piano track and the strings track for example to get a new and different musical experience

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How to Choose the Greatest Digital Piano For Your Rate Array Posted on April 26, 2013 by lsqblx17 How to Pick out the Ideal Electronic Piano For Your Selling price Assortment If you or your youngsters are just receiving into learning how to participate in the piano, you are probably looking to purchase a quality keyboard or digital piano Come see real customer reviews about the best digital pianos and get the best discount. How To Choose The Best Digital Piano? on Vimeo Joi Be it grand pianos or uprights, Nippon Piano has a wide range for you to choose from. We carry fine German designed pianos made by Schonbrunn, Wilh. Steinberg and reconditioned pianos of various makes. Digital Piano. Companies such as Roland and Yamaha have spent decades developing digital piano In a 500 year history, the piano has become exceptionally popular. However, within that time there have also been a number of changes. Sounds have become clearer, playing styles have changed and more recently, customers seeking new pianos have been looking towards digital pianos rather than their traditional acoustic counterparts. There are of course advantages [ Every stage piano and digital piano that we chose has something to offer. Some are better suited to advanced players and a larger budget; others are great for newbies with less to spend. The important thing is that you focus on the qualities that you need most from the instrument and spend your money wisely

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When it comes to piano or music stores that sell used digital pianos, those same stores may offer free delivery, free lessons, free trade-up with your money back on a higher priced used digital piano, etc, but you just don't get something for nothing these days and the free things don't come close to how much you may have over-paid for that used digital piano as compared with getting a. Kawai digital pianos have a pleasant sound (although a little on the electronic side - not as pure as Yamaha and Roland), and a medium-weight, soft touch at the bottom of the key stroke. Their top end digital pianos from the CA range are good (they're worth comparing against the equivalent Yamaha CLP models) Digital pianos also come with many features, settings, songs, modes, however, sometimes not as many as digital keyboards do. As said before, the main focus of a digital piano is the authentic feeling, and that is why it often makes it to the top of the list before synthesizer piano instruments do. Digital pianos light, affordable, portable, and. Hello, I need help choosing a Digital Piano. Currently a local music store have these Digital Pianos for sale. Here are the list: Yamaha DGX 640 Yamaha P 95 Yamaha DGX 630 Yamaha YDP 141 Yamaha YDP 161 Casio PX 130 Which one would you recommended? Thank Yo Whether you are looking for a digital piano or not, the way Adam Berzowski explains how to choose a digital piano, is just a-ma-zing. Doesn't he remind you the best teachers you have ever had

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Differences Between Upright Pianos and Grand Pianos In an upright piano, the strings are strung vertically to make the instrument more compact, which allows the piano to be played in a limited space. In contrast, the grand piano retains the shape of the original pianoforte in which the strings are strung horizontally, and has a greater potential for expression Digital pianos come with a variety of sound features, never have to be tuned and quite lighter than acoustic pianos. This makes digital pianos easier to ship. Although digital pianos are more lightweight, shipping one still requires care and planning

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Also,the build, durability and the sound quality of these two Roland HP models makes it the best digital piano for church. Features of Roland HP- 605 and 603. It is a digital piano with progressive hammer key action. It include the new part wooden key; Digital piano for church will allow using the headphone Many digital pianos will come with only the damper pedal, and some require you to purchase this piece separately. Some digital pianos are shaped like a regular upright piano, meaning they are self-contained and do not require any additional parts. Others are sold as just the keyboard itself, meaning that you'll need a stand How To Choose Digital Pianos, Keyboards and Synths - The Hub From affordable starter pianos and MIDI controllers to sophisticated synthesizers and keyboard workstations, learn what to look for when you shop for an electronic keyboard to match your budget, music and skills In this guide, we investigate the list of 5 best digital pianos base on their touch, sound, price, and how to choose a proper digital piano that meets your needs.

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  1. But if you are still a beginner and you want to explore the basics of piano playing, we highly suggest that you choose a digital piano instead. 2. You don't need to tune. Thanks to the modern technology, you don't need to tune a digital piano. Acoustic piano will require regular tuning every year to maintain its sound quality
  2. Most users therefore have a wide variety of options to choose from when it comes to pricing. The only thing to remember is that if you are selecting a digital piano, you should not only focus on the price but also other features it has. They occupy little space . One of the biggest shortfalls of grand pianos is the fact that they are huge and.
  3. If you'd rather go the digital route for your child's first piano, then choose the Yamaha U3, look at the Kawai CE220. It comes close for a digital piano to mimicking the feel and sound of an analog instrument. Not only does it boast a full-size keyboard, they also weighted the keys for a realistic piano feel
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